Housing Services Partnership

The Housing Services Partnership consists of a wide range of providers and commissioners supporting the delivery of housing services in Leicestershire. The Partnership has a specific role for supporting the achievement of certain strategic priorities as determined by the Leicestershire Together. It has also a role in ensuring that impact on and from housing provision on other strategic outcomes is adequately considered.

In order to perform this role, the Housing Services Partnership will:


  • Assess and challenge the impact of changes in policy, legislation, budgets and benefits on those using and delivering housing services
  • Oversee the co-ordination of housing strategies in Leicestershire with other significant commissioning plans
  • To lead, develop and influence commissioning plans in areas such as housing related support.


  • Promote two way communications between the Partnership and the county’s five commissioning boards and seven localities raising issues and providing challenge to ensure shared priorities are delivered appropriately across the County.
  • To act as a single point of expert reference for county wide commissioners to influence the development and implementation of commissioning plans
  • To act as a platform where thorny issues and conflicting priorities can be debated and resolved.


  • Subject to appropriate governance arrangements being in place, manage the resources to commission a range of services and interventions to achieve the Partnership’s strategic priorities. The use of these resources will drive a genuinely collaborative approach to commissioning and service delivery.


  • Monitor and, where appropriate, hold to account the delivery of strategic priorities of the Partnership.
  • Report to the Leicestershire Together Commissioning Executive and Board and locality executives on an exception basis regarding performance against thestrategic priorities.

The Housing Services Partnership meets on roughly a bi-monthly basis and the papers are available from the menu opposite.