Leicestershire's Environment Board

Leicestershire has established an Environment Board in Leicestershire for two reasons:

  • All public services need assistance from other organisations to meet their goals and that in tough financial times it is more important than ever to demonstrate to the public that we are avoiding duplication and working well together.
  • Environmental partnership arrangements in Leicestershire were too disparate. Consequently there were strategic opportunities being missed and some issues being overlooked.

The Environment Board’s remit is Waste, Street Scene, Climate Change, Flood Risk, our natural and historic environments and green spaces. Leicestershire’s Environment Board will seek to

  • Agree a prioritised list of environmental priorities for Leicestershire
  • Build upon and share best practice
  • Avoid duplication
  • Emphasise ‘action’ not ‘talk’!
  • Save money
  • Do what’s best for each locality
  • Tackle environmental problems in partnership – not in isolation
  • Share and add capacity not drain it through process
  • Identify policy and operational overlaps, ensuring key issues are not overlooked
  • Assess on a case by case basis whether money can be saved and outputs improved through the collective commissioning of services or the better alignment of resources.

The Board comprises each of the county's 8 local authorities, representatives from the voluntary sector as well as representatives from the Environment Agency, Natural England and English Heritage. .Copies of the board's latest papers and minutes are available here.